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Гостевой дом "Тамара"

186870, Республика Карелия, г.Суоярви, ул. Мира, д. 1


+7-81457-51739, +7-921-4618200

Эл. почта hotel-tamara@yandex.ru


Discription and territory

The guest house consists of two buildings - the cottage and the summer house. The cottage is made of wood, comfortable and has 4 rooms, cafe and sauna with the rest room. The summer house is new, modern and also has 5 rooms. The territory is hidden of the strangers, full of trees, shrubs, flower beds. Area is shared on several rest zones, summer cafe, small sport place for chilgren, teeter, smiwwing-pool and benches. Parking zone is quite big for busses and cars. 

Own agriculture farm -  vegetable garden with potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, other vegetables and berries. The hospitable hostess cooks healthy, delicious, fresh and natural meat using grown by herself food. 

The cottage

The house comfortable accomodates 13 persons. Every room has unique and cosy. 5 rooms, 4 of them have TV, WC, shower, frig, Wi-Fi, 1 room is without WC and shower. Living room has TV, fireplace, dining room is equiped with all necessary technique. 

The summer house 

The summer house comfortable accomodates 14 persons. All rooms have WC, TV, shower, furniture. 

Rooms of the cottage 

1D - two-rooms have two single beds, big twin sofa, single sofa, wardrobe, TV, frig, Wi-Fi. The windows are towards the south, what makes the room very warm and sunny. 

3D - the room has big balcon and view to the swimming-pool and flower area. The room has single bed, twin sofa, TV, frig.

 2D - the room is situated on the 3-d floor, accomodation for 4 persons. It has 3 single beds, sofa, TV, frig. 

 4D - the room has two single beds. 


 The summer house

  Two rooms are single, they have single bed, wardrobe, table, TV, WC, shower.


   Three rooms are for 4-5 persons, have duplex beds, WC, shower, adition bed (these rooms are econom class). 

    Photos of all rooms you can find in Номера/фото. 



                                                                                  Price list



Number of beds

Price of the room, rubles/1 day, till 1 06.18

Price of the room, rubles/1 day, after 1.06.18







2 room-studio (bedroom +living-room), 2 single beds +,1 single sofa,  double sofa (TV,WC, frig)


4000-00 for two persons

5000-00 for three persons

4000-00 for two persons

5000-00 for three persons


Mansard  3 single beds + 1 single sofa (TV,WC, frig)

3 +1

3300-00 for three persons

4000-00 for four persons

3000-00 for three persons

4000-00 for four persons



Family room with balcony, double sofa+  single bed (TV,WC,frig)


3000-00 for two persons

3500-00 for three presons

3500-00 for two persons

4000-00 for three persons


Double room,  two single beds (TV,WC,frig)


2400-00 for two persons

2500-00 for two persons


Summer house





Two duplex beds, TV, shower, WC





Single room, shower, WC,TV















Obligatory registration in migration department/ 1 person








Additional service

Price, 1 person/rubles

Breakfast  (buffet)


Dinner (soup, salad, main dish)


Supper  (salad, main dish)


Children before 7 – 50 %

Parking (car, minibus)

                 150 / 1 day

Parking (bus)

400 / 1 day




Our adittional service    Excursions:

    - Suojarvi surroundings 

    - Sortavala (Valaam island, Ruskeala marble canyon)

    -  Petrozavodsk (Kizhi island)

     - Kondopoga (Kivach waterfall)

     - Veshkelitsja - the old traditional Karelian village

     - Zookomplex Three bears

     - Fishing and picnics-barbecue on lake islands

              Infrastructure of town Suojarvi

        In town there are food shops, market, banks, medical clinic, swimming-pool, gym and taxi service.  

              Write us to e-mail - hotel-tamara@yandex.ru